Unique! After the success of Tamil film master, should Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Ranveer Singh give up their pending films? – Latest Breaking News

The unexpected epidemic and subsequent lockdown hit the entertainment industry hard. Even though the theaters have now reopened and are running with 50 per cent occupation, some of the films that were released in theaters did not register encouraging numbers. Therefore, filmmakers are afraid to gamble with their big-ticket releases by opting to run theatrically.

But the release of the Tamil film ‘Master’ on January 13, which is running in packed houses, with morning and late night shows being planned, should be the silver lining that everyone was waiting for. Shibhu Thamin, the South’s distributor, who has distributed 104 films, including several projects by South superstars Vikram and Vijay, says, “Despite 50 percent occupancy, ‘Master’ is breaking records in some areas. This has paved the way for a lot of people. Other films, which are now slated for a February / March / April release. Master’s success proves the bravery of the filmmakers as a collection with quality content from the audience. Will be rewarded.

With several big-ticket films like ‘Sooryavanshi’, ‘Lal Singh Chadha’, ’83, ‘Radhey: Most Wanted Bhai’ scheduled for release in theaters, now may be the right time to discuss the dates . But business is still divided on this and here’s why:

India is starting its vaccination campaign from tomorrow and with the availability of vaccines, life will start bouncing back to normal. This is an encouraging sign for theaters that have suffered heavily due to the epidemic. Exhibitor Akshay Rathi is sure that this will soon be his usual business. He said, “The only reason our business has not gained its strength is because people are not getting the content they want to see.”

But what happens as a result of the lack of good content as the CEO of Reliance Entertainment lacks the enthusiasm to step in to watch the film Shibashish Sarkar On proving that he had previously envisaged that he would not find the same collections as ‘Soyaravanshi’ and ’83, which he had at the time of pre-pandemic. But Akshay counters demand that some data be supported. “I agree that theaters are still open only up to 50 per cent capacity, but do you know that all auditoriums have been opened for ‘master’? Also, the number of shows per auditorium has also been increased. It This, in turn, has helped not dilute the film’s collections. We can make similar plans for ’83, ‘Sooryavanshi’, ‘Radhey’ and others. It seems the only right way to come back , “Akshay insisted that Bollywood Start testing the water. “If they don’t, it will cause more theaters to close which will only cause a fight for later release dates and result in eating out on each other’s share,” he predicts.

Although theaters in Rajasthan are yet to open, distributor Sunil Bansal is optimistic and second-to-last, when he says, “big corporates and film stars should now make their films available in the public domain. Theaters in Rajasthan open on 20 January Is expected. 1 February at least. ”

When it was revealed, trade analyst Komal Nahata told that Reliance Entertainment has noticed the success of Master and is now thinking of a release. “They are planning to release ‘Sooryavanshi’ in the week of Holi,” he revealed.

However, not everyone is onboard with the idea of ​​releasing big-ticket Bollywood films immediately. Distributor Ramesh Sippy, Who has also distributed ‘Master’ in the Mumbai circuit, though excited about the numbers being watched by the Tamil film, suggests that Bollywood might not have given a similar response. “The audience in the South is very different. They worship their actors; temples are built for them. Do you have any such enthusiasm here? Let us not be influenced by its success. Decide what happens in the South Can’t be a do-it-yourself batter. Luck in Bollywood, “he chases.


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