Trump voted in Florida; Said with a laugh – I voted for a guy named Trump

21 minutes ago

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Donald Trump walked out of the booth after the vote.

  • Trump says mail-in voting is more secure and less prone to fraud
  • Because of the corona, people are voting on time, Trump appears to be wearing a mask

US President Donald Trump voted in the presidential election in Florida on Saturday. A library has been set up here as a voting booth. Trump is from Florida. Trump spoke to the media after the vote. Laughing, he said, “I voted for a guy named Trump.”

He explained the voting process. “It’s a very secure system. It is not considered counterfeit.

Trump is going to be very busy for you today, he told reporters traveling with him. We are going to work harder with you. In the last days of the election campaign, Trump is going to hold several big rallies against his rival Joe Biden. These include North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

More than 5 crore people voted
Because of the corona, people initially felt it was appropriate to vote. More than 5 crore people have voted so far. According to experts, due to the corona, voting in person takes longer. Many protocols are adopted for security. President Trump was seen wearing a mask during Saturday’s voting.


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