Sports in the Corona: Masks are very important in physical activity, but 90% do not apply, learn sports guidelines

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  • Play the game with a mask, take a break from the mask in the middle, in which you can relax the mask without moving away
  • Do not pat on the back to increase excitement by clapping, use gestures more often.

Cricket and football are played at closed stadiums around the world during the Corona Round. The La-Liga tournament is underway and the 13th season of the IPL has come to an end. But how do ordinary people get involved in the game? Guide to the game has been released in the US. Name this guideKovid-19 Provisional Guidelines on Youth Sports‘Is.

Many things are mentioned in the guide. For example, if you play indoor games such as basketball, you should wear a mask during play as much as possible. After playing and returning home, go straight to the washroom and wash clothes with the shower. According to doctors, up to 95% of viruses are destroyed by washing.

4 things to keep in mind during indoor games

1. Wear as much mask as possible
According to the guidelines issued for indoor-sports in America, the mask is very important. Experts say it is difficult to wear a mask during sports or any heavy physical activity. People feel uncomfortable and take the mask down or remove the mask. A study conducted in the US found that more than 90% of people do not wear masks during heavy physical activity.

According to the guidelines, not applying masks proves dangerous. This is necessary in indoor sports because the virus stays indoors for a long time.

2. Avoid physical touch
Sports are physical activities that have a great range of physical contact. The guideline states to prevent this. There was also talk of cleansing himself after some kind of physical contact.

3. Avoid sharing things

  • It is very common to share objects with each other during games. We continue to deal with our peers. Items such as gloves, pads and carrots are mostly traded. Experts say these substances could prove to be the biggest conductors of infection.
  • Protect your own objects in the game. Do not give to anyone, do not take from anyone. Wash washable items after the game, clean the rest.

4. Do not ignore the risk
According to experts, sports are a must. Prolonged lack of physical activity can cause not only physical but also psychological problems, but the risk of corona cannot be ignored. Experts believe that these people need to find a middle ground so that sports can be done and even the corona is not at risk.


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