Philippines braces for Typhoon Gony, possibly the strongest storm of the year.

MANILA – Emergency response teams, supported by the Philippine police and military, prepared for Typhoon Gony on Saturday, which officials expect to be the strongest storm to hit the country this year.

Goni, who was experiencing winds of 135 mph and a top speed of 185 mph at its center by Saturday afternoon, before making landfall Sunday morning in the southern part of the country’s most populous island of Luzon Expect to be slightly weaker. Philippine officials said. Earlier saturday, de United Storm Warning Center The storm is classified as a super typhoon.

The eye of the storm – which Philippine officials are calling Typhoon Rowley under its separate naming system – was expected to pass through the capital Manila, which is home to more than 24 million people.

Ricardo Jalad, the head of the government’s National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, said on Saturday that even if we move towards becoming a super typhoon, we cannot be a super typhoon.

This year will be the 18th hurricane of Gony to hit the Philippines. It is coming just a few days after Typhoon Molway, which was weak across the country, was raining heavily and caused heavy rain. Molway killed 22 people and forced tens of thousands out before leaving Vietnam Due to fatal landslides.

Mr. Jalad said that evacuations had been going on in Goni hazard areas since Friday. He said that the local authorities can order forcible evacuation if necessary.

“If they see that their constituents are facing threats, they have the right to forcibly withdraw with the help of the Philippine National Police and other uniformed services.” He said there was an “avoidable accident” during the Typhoon Moleway as some people ignored the warning to stay indoors.

The Philippine Red Cross has placed rescue vehicles, first aid volunteers and emergency response teams in areas of Luzon that are likely to be affected by the storm.

Red Cross President Senator Richard Gordon said, “Three hurricanes have single-handedly affected the country in this month, and now a possible super typhoon is coming towards us.” “We are determined to help prepare these communities for the coming storm,” he said.

He said that disasters had complicated the country. Kovid-19’s response, Which has infected more than 370,000 people in the country and killed 7,185 people. Evacuation centers can make social disturbances more challenging than usual.

The Philippine military said it has deployed emergency response area units in areas affected by the storm, which can prevent heavy to heavy rainfall over a large area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLuzon, including Metro Manila.

The Philippines suffers at least 20 tropical storms and typhoons every year, some of them fatal. When thousands of people died in November 2013 Super typhoon hayan Passing through the central Philippines.

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