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CHENNAI: Sri Lanka Cricketer Tamil origin Muthiah Muralitharan But there was a panic Cricket Time flummoxed as he sliced ​​off his wrist and again international cricketers. No wonder he is the only international cricketer to have been scalped 800 Wickets in Tests, with their victims mostly bowling or stumping.
But his close family and friends attempted to make him immortalized on celluloid Biopic The title ‘800’ not only forced the leading Test wicket-taker to run for cover, but landed like an acclaimed and popular actor Vijay Sethupathi In Trouble.
It debuted on 8 October, when the production team of Movie Train Motion Pictures and Dar Motion Pictures officially released a first-look poster, announcing a biopic with Sethupathi to portray Muralitharan on screen. The actor also took to Twitter to make it official.

Earlier, UK-based Tamil singer Teejay, who starred as one of actor Dhanush’s two sons in the award-winning director Vetimaran’s Tamil hit “Asuran”, turned down an offer to play the role of young Muralitharan, the film The Sri Lankan also tells about the Civil War.
This was enough not only for the Tamil fringe elements, but also enough to lead film personalities as well as politicians to demand Sethupathi step back from the film. For him, silence near Muralitharan, when the Sri Lankan army set itself on the Tamils, was a bigger issue than the massacre.
He said in a statement by Dar Motion Pictures that it would be a pure sports biopic that would not hurt the sentiments of Tamils.

“It is difficult to make a good name with the public. But people have repeated their love very easily in you. This was because you played roles that reflected people’s thoughts in the last mile. You have a long way to go. Why do you want to give your face to people to remember the betrayal forever? Please try somehow and say no to this project, ”director Bharathiraja told Sethupathi.
As the war went on on social media, the actors themselves maintain a silence. But he confessed to a friend that he would somehow be in trouble – going forward or withdrawing.
Taking to Twitter, lyricist Vairamuthu urged Sethupathi to let the occasion go for the sake of Tamils.
“Sometimes, doing something, rather than doing it, brings fame. Your career is on the path of growth. Why marry, ”Vairamuthu said.
Lyricist Tamara wrote in an open letter addressed to Sethupathi: “Take a bold decision. Let us see what happens. Tamils ​​from all over the world will follow us. ”
Politicians were not far behind.
“Muralitharan is a betrayal of the Tamil community. Vijay Sethupathi is loved by the public due to his easy-to-play roles. PMK founder S Ramadoss said in a statement that if he went ahead and played the role of Muralitharan in the film, he would be considered a betrayer.


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