IAS Success Story: Three Attempts, Two Successful, UPSC Journey of Bihar’s Ambition

Success story of IAS topper Abhilasha Abhinav: Abhilasha Abhinav from Patna, the capital of Bihar, topped the list in 2017. This year, he passed the UPSC CSE exam with 18th rank. Prior to this, Abhilasha was selected, but due to his low rank, he got IRS service, for which Abhilasha was not satisfied. As a result, she took the test again and this time she broke all records and became a straight topper.

Wherever the aspiration comes from, it is considered appropriate to marry girls after a certain age. In such an environment, Abhilash had to expend extra energy to persuade his parents not to marry him. However, after the aspirational choice, even her parents felt that the decision not to marry the daughter and not to read to her was wrong. As each candidate has his struggles in his life, aspiration is also there. In an interview with Knowledge Track, he spoke openly about various issues related to the aspiration test and various struggles in life.

Always preparing for a job –

Aspiration has been good since childhood. While he topped his district in the tenth grade, he also scored over 80 percent marks in the twelfth grade. After 12th class, Abhilasha did B.Tech and started working in a company. During this time, he also began preparations for the UPSC.

Abhilasha never quit her job to prepare for the exam and she always worked during her three attempts. Not only this, if you are not forced to work for other candidates too and you can prepare for this exam full time, then consider yourself lucky and take full advantage of this opportunity. Be grateful for the luxurious time you have available and ask for its price for candidates who manage time while on the job.

If we are talking about Abhilasha’s UPSC Journey, he made his first surprise attack in 2014 when he was not even in Pre. After this, he did not write the exam next year. She was selected for IRS service in 2016 for the second year. Abhilasha tried again and won this time.

See the interview that gave aspiration to Know Delhi Knowledge Track –

Desire Advice –

Regarding the preparation of exams, Abhilasha said that this exam should not be considered as three exams, but one from the beginning and should be prepared together for pre, main and interviews. You can watch the Toppers interview to understand and guide the exam format. Remember that inspiration should come from anywhere, but plan for yourself according to your needs. Do not copy anyone because someone else’s strategy will not work for you.

Abhilasha is always made with a job, so she had to work harder than other candidates. She said those who work can take advantage of the weekends and read them whenever they have time in the office. Abhilash also reads on the phone when committing, so technology has helped her a lot.

In the end, the aspirational advice is that the self-judge will be very helpful in passing this exam. Before proving someone else, you must believe in yourself that only you can do it. Be honest with yourself and try to be honest, here you do not have to prove anything to others, but success is water for you.

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