IAS Success Story: Noah Siddiqui completed the UPSC journey after seven years and five attempts

Success Story of IAS Topper Mohad. Noah Siddiqui: For some candidates the journals of UPSC are too long. Although ready for the fact that it will take time for candidates coming into this field to succeed, the question is how much time. Two-three years, maybe most candidates will be patient, but a person can give seven years of his life and practice his restraint to continue this test. The answer is yes. If the candidate is like Mohammad Noah Siddiqui, you can also be patient and try twice each time. It took a long time for Noah to succeed in the UPSC exam. It is clear that he was also stressed at this point but Noah adopted all methods and did not give up. In an interview with Knowledge Delhi Knowledge Track, Noah talked about basically the same topic, how to avoid stress during exam preparation.

The Power of Prayer –

Noah says there is so much power in worship. If you believe it, definitely love it. Pray to your God or the revered ones you trust. You will see that your confidence works and your stress is greatly reduced. However, this method is only for candidates who rely on these methods. Noah knows how many friends he has, and when he repeatedly fails he sits in a nearby dargah or temple and comes back with energy, because he believes that there is someone behind this failure is better hidden

In an interview to Delhi Knowledge Track, Mohammad Noah Siddiqui spoke in detail about the preparation of the UPSC Personality Test.

Do not cut from family and friends –

Noah was of the opinion that talking to family or friends, going home or celebrating festivals, etc., was not as good as theirs compared to other candidates. If you feel refreshed by talking to them, be sure to talk to them. Go home, spend time with family and talk to your friends. All of these act as stress busters. UPSC’s journey will be so long, you can’t live without cutting from people for years. This is not a practical approach. Build as many bonds as you can bear. You are preparing for the exam and you are facing no torture. Nowhere is it written that you can succeed only by giving yourself trouble. Do not waste time but do not imprison yourself.

Wherever you lose, replace it if possible –

Noah says when you fail, it’s hard to start a new beginning. In such a situation, if possible, change where you live and the group you are studying. Noah himself changed his hostel many times saying that it was very easy to start anew in a new place, but memories of defeat were added to the old place. Similarly, it has been seen many times that people repeatedly fail, but do not change their group, have not been selected from that group for years. So don’t feel the emotional attachment about the crowd and change the place, friend, group where the memories of defeat are attached.

Do what works for you –

Noah First of all, convince yourself that even if this path is difficult or you fail again and again, you are not a loser. Keep confident that one day you will definitely succeed. Tell yourself your strengths and live among such friends who make you feel important. It also gives me confidence that I can do it.

In the end, keep in mind that everyone’s stress reduction method makes a difference, so do not copy anyone, adopt the method that works for you. Listening to music, watching movies, going out with friends, reading novels, spending time with kids, watching YouTube, surfing the net are countless ways. Follow the work that works for you.

In the end, remember that if you do not succeed in this field it will not end your life. If you do not succeed here, you will succeed elsewhere, do not prepare it as the end of the world. Regardless of the stress and the outcome, the person who is going to enjoy this journey will definitely succeed.

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