IAS Success Story: Chandrama succeeds by managing time in UPSC exam, find out how her journey is

IAS Topper Chandrima Atri Success Story: For most people, the UPSC journey ends very quickly, then for some it can take years to achieve success. Today, Chandrama Atri from Panipat in Haryana tells you the story of how he succeeded in UPSC on his fourth attempt. He fulfilled his dream by achieving 72nd rank in UPSC 2019 exam. The special thing is that in the first three attempts, she did not even reach the interview round and in the fourth attempt, she achieved success with a precise strategy and time focus. According to them, you need to take care of the time when fixing the paper. If you do not do this, you will not be able to fix the whole paper.

Such a lunar success

Chandra was born in Panipat district of Haryana. She is very intelligent in reading and has dreamed of becoming an IAS since childhood. Therefore, Chandrima started preparations for UPSC much earlier. She prepared with her good strategy but did not reach the interview in the first 3 attempts. However, she did not give up and continued her journey following a positive attitude. He saw his previous flaws before the fourth attempt. He was corrected and later appeared on examination with good energy. In the end, this time his choice was made.

The essay is resolved in this way

She said you will get 3 hours for the essay paper in UPSC. Candidates should write two essays. In this paper, many people are unable to balance time and their choice is not possible. She says you should divide one and a half hours according to the two articles. For this, you should note the highlights of the article. The more direct and accurate the answers you write, the better your marks will be. Most people think that if they write an article on a different topic their number will be higher, but it is not so. You choose any item, but you present it with depth and facts. You must have a good knowledge of the subject.

Watch the Chandrama interview given on the Delhi Knowledge track

Chandrama advice to other candidates

Candidates preparing for UPSC are advised by Chandrama to take care of time. He believes that if you want to succeed in UPSC, it is very important to balance time. In addition to this, you also need guidance in the right direction. If you constantly work hard, you will definitely succeed. Sometimes people are afraid of failures but in such a situation, patience is required. If you correct your mistakes, you can definitely do better next time.

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