How Babylon B, a right-wing satire site, capitalizes on the confusion

I was wondering to what extent a satire site – which exempts them from Facebook’s fact-checking program – has allowed them traffic to deliver misinformation under the guise of comedy. Do you think this is a deliberate strategy?

Well, this is a big question, because it has been a big source of controversy for him. He has some articles that were fact-checked by Snopes and were “false”. The authors and editors of Be The claim that Facebook has threatened them with bullying (Facebook denies this). Bead founder Adam Ford has claimed that Snoops investigated in ways that were “arrogant”, with standards that would not apply, for example, onions.

Bees feel that they are being unfairly targeted. But Snopes has drawn attention to the fact that his pieces can sometimes be easily mistaken for real news – which may fall on them, not on their readers.

Politics aside, it speaks of the improbable nature of being a satirical site in the age of mega-platforms. Because on the one hand, you have to write things that are made so clearly that they cannot be accidentally made for real news, but also turn off the truth to be funny.

one hundred percent. Truth is more fun these days than fiction.

One thing I’ve pondered is that the “veneer” media is wholly owned by the industrial complex (which I would relate to B, even if they don’t do so) if Trump loses in November. Do you understand that The Bead cares about who wins the election, from the standpoint of comedy ability?

What’s fun is because they’re not loyal to Trump, they can see an advantage for their comedy. In some senses, comedy becomes much easier when you are not in the power of the party. But Trump, on the other hand, is such an absurd figure that he could lend himself to a truly wild caricature. The editor-in-chief of The Bee told me that Trump is great for comedy, so he would be happy to see them win – after a while, he said that maybe they are sick of Trump humor and ready for a change. He sees a lot of humor in the Biden camp, playing especially from “Sleepy Joe” Motif.

So what I’m taking from this conversation is this: Babylon Bee is not a covert disruptive action disguised as a right-wing satire site, and is actually trying to do comedy, but inadvertently can spread bad information when Do people tell their stories very seriously?

for the most part. But they also find it very funny when their content is mistaken for real news – and they’re not really going overboard to stop it.

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