Google has ‘good news’ for these Windows users – Latest Breaking News

Google Giving a respite to IT managers who are still old-fashioned Windows 7 In his office P.C. Also, if you are still using Windows 7 after the end of life, you will be happy to know that Google has extended support for Chrome. Google previously announced that it would continue updating the Chrome browser on Windows 7 until July 15, 2021. Now, Google has confirmed that it will continue supporting Chrome on Windows 7 until January 15, 2022.
whereas Microsoft On January 14, 2020, officially announced the end of life for Windows 7, it continues to provide security updates to enterprise users. This means that there are still a lot of IT managers who are still working with 7 PCs. According to Google, 21% of organizations are still in the process of migrating to Windows 10.. Without Chrome their life has become difficult and organizations will have to invest in new PCs, which could lead to financial constraints due to COVID-19.
“This year has presented a lot of challenges for organizations of all sizes. Facing difficult business and technology decisions, supporting the changing work environment, and reducing uncertainty are among the few issues that IT leaders face during 2020. Whereas the past few months served as a catalyst for technology investment and digital transformation initiatives. For many organizations, for others, some planned IT projects may have to take a back seat, ”Google said in a blog post.
With this in mind, Google is extending 6 months and support for Chrome on Windows will be discontinued after January 15, 2022.


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