France fires at church priest

A series of terrorist attacks in France caused a stir. There was another attack in the city of Lyon on Saturday (31 October) before the recent terrorist attack on a church in Nice. An unknown assailant opened fire on the priest of a local church. The priest was seriously injured by the bullet. He was identified by the police as a Greek citizen. However, his details were not disclosed.

The incident occurred when the pastor was closing the church at 4 pm. International media Reuters reported that the attacker fled after being shot. The priest is currently undergoing treatment in a hospital. According to preliminary information … French police have stepped up the search for the victim.

Three people, including a woman, were killed in a recent terrorist attack in the French city of Nice. Two others were also killed in the attack. Nice Mayor Christian Astrosy has accused it of taking terrorist actions. The suspect in the attack has been taken into police custody. He said that his confession was obtained through torture. Earlier in the day, a French middle school teacher was murdered in France. France is shaken once again by the latest attack.

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