Crate with the name of Aladdin’s wonderful lamp.

Even highly educated people fall for tricks and mantras and then fire lakhs and then Labodibo. One such incident recently came up in Uttar Pradesh. Birdie was beaten by Doctor Aladdin by the name of Aduduta Deepam and earned lakhs of rupees. He took several days to get the money but eventually complained to the police that Deepak was not given. The police registering the case arrested the accused. According to the police, a sick Samina woman from London called Dr. Contacted Laik Khan.

Dr. Khan went to her house for a month to recover. She believed that in the background there was a Baba she knew and had a wonderful glory. He whispered in my ear that if you also meet him then there will be no problem in the family. After he told her repeatedly, the doctor consulted a witch named Islamamuddin. Islamuddin lied to the doctor that Aladdin had a miraculous lamp with his help that could heal someone’s suffering.

The doctor thought that these words were true and asked if he could keep that wonderful lamp. Aladdin finally agreed to pay Rs. He felt that he had been cheated on not giving him money. He finally lodged a complaint at the police station. The police have registered a case and are investigating. It is revealed that the magician is the husband of Islamuddin Sameena. Anees, who collaborated with Islamuddin, was arrested. Seized a gold lamp from his possession.

Aladdin found in the trial that the accused had cheated many people in the name of Adbuti Deepam, Tantric Education. Police said that most of the victims were gang members. The police who arrested the two are harassing Sameena who is running away.


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