50,000 rupees incentive for marrying other religions .. But, small bet!

Efforts are on to bring a law against Love Jihad in BJP ruled states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana. In contrast, the statement made by the BJP government in Uttarakhand is astounding. For inter-ethnic and inter-religious marriages, Rs. 50 lakh will be given as incentive. As per orders issued by Uttarakhand Social Welfare Department .. Inter-religious and inter-caste married couples will be given cash incentives. However the government has imposed a condition to avail this benefit. Spouses should be of scheduled caste as specified in section 341.

Orders were issued in the name of Tehri Garhwal District Social Welfare Officer. The orders issued on 18 November stated that the government was determined to promote inter-ethnic and inter-religious marriage for the unity of society and country. Recognition of recognized temple, mosque, marriage or related department will get this encouragement. One can apply anytime within one year of marriage.

This amount is given jointly to the couple. The Uttarakhand government has been providing an incentive of Rs 10,000 for such weddings since 2014. Currently it has increased to Rs 50,000. The Uttar Pradesh government implemented the Interfaith Marriage Promotion Code in 1976, before its formation as a separate state.

However, Hindu communities are objecting to these orders. It has been criticized for promoting Love Jihad. Many are getting dirty on social media. It is alleged that the ambassador provided information to the complainant. It is now being commented that Hindus especially SC and ST women are encouraged to convert to religions other than Islam, while encouraging people from other communities to marry Hindu women Is encouraged to


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