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Here in daily distractions, we try to make false and misleading information viral. We also want to tell you how popular that misinformation is in the overall context of what is being discussed on social media. Each Friday, we will feature a list of the 10 most engaged stories of the week in the United States, as ranked by Newswip, a firm that compiles social media performance data. (Newswip tracks the number of reactions, shares, and comments each story receives on Facebook, along with a group of influential users on Pinterest and Twitter. This week’s data is on Friday from 9:01 am Runs until October 9. I am on Friday, October 16.

This week one of the most viral articles on social media Social media companies tried to stop it from going viral.

Facebook stated that he was Joseph R. An unpublished New York Post article about Biden Jr.’s son, Hunter Biden, would reduce visibility, unless a third party could conduct a fact-check. Twitter initially banned all links to the article, stating that the move occurred because the article contained images showing personal personal information and because it violated its rules against distributing hacked content to the article Was seen in But the article still traveled widely on social media, gaining more than two million interactions.

Here is the complete list of the week’s busiest stories:

For Ms. Farrell, who played the role of housemaid, Berta, on “Two and a Half Men”, was widely shared by many fans of the show.

Mr Collins’ resolution, which claimed that Representative Nancy Pelosi “has no mental fitness” to continue as Speaker of the House, was a largely meaningless symbolic gesture of opposition. But it was red meat on Facebook for conservatives, for whom Ms. Pelosi is an engagement-bait villain.

Another break from politics, it is about the planned revival of a hit TV show “Dexter”, which received nearly a million conversations.

Judge Amy Connie Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing was the subject of two top 10 articles this week. It is from The Daily Wire, a right-wing news site focused on its empty notepad.

The White House announcement about Columbus Day, which targeted “radical activists” who have “tried to undermine Christopher Columbus’s legacy,” was widely criticized by right-wing pages on Facebook and the National Italian American Foundation, such as Was shared by the groups.

The Times ‘article about unofficial ballots that Republican operatives held in California was shared by several big leftist Facebook pages, including Occupy Democrats and Ridin’ With Biden.

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