Trump’s claims about Hunter Biden growing soaring online activity

On thursday Presidential debate, President Trump by his rival, Joseph R. Biden Jr. made several misleading claims about the family’s business dealings.

Mr. Trump suggested, without evidence, that Mr. Biden had consulted for his son Hunter Biden to help the younger Biden’s business. Mr. Trump also said that Mr. Biden used his influence during his time as Vice President to help his son in lucrative business deals. Both claims were misleading.

However, the comments drew attention to Hunter Biden and his work during and after the debate, according to a New York Times analysis of Google searches and Facebook posts.

According to Google Trends data, searches for “Hunter Biden” on Google during the debate are three times higher than before. Facebook posts about Hunter Biden also surfaced, according to data from CrowdTangle, a Facebook-owned social media analytics tool.

Nearly 70,000 new Facebook posts popped up after a debate citing “false, unproven or misleading claims” about Hunter Biden’s business interactions, a false human rights organization that studies misinformation. Most of the posts came from Facebook pages that were flagged repeatedly for sharing false or misleading claims, Avaaz said.

A Facebook spokesperson said the company’s third-party fact checkers assessed and dismissed several claims related to Hunter Biden.

On Mr. Trump’s comments Last month’s presidential debate Also due to spikes in internet traffic. He then went on to say that Proud Boys, a far-flung group that supported violence, “should stand behind the group,” searching for the group, as posted about them on Twitter and Facebook .

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