There are hospitalizations in NYC, but fewer are living and fewer patients are dying.

Hospitals in New York City are growing slowly but steadily, erasing painful memories of growing infections in the spring that killed more than 20,000 people. But this time is different: patients with severe cases spend less time in hospital on average and are less likely to be placed on ventilators. And Fewer patients dying.

In New York, the virus killed 139 people in the four weeks ending 24 October. On the city’s worst day in spring, officials recorded more than 800 confirmed and possible deaths.

Currently, about 460 people with Kovid-19 are hospitalized in the city – near the highest levels seen in late June. But it is close to the peak in April, when the virus patient count was more than 12,000 a day.

Public health experts say widespread acceptance of face masks and social disturbances have helped prevent the spread of the virus. And fewer cases means less patients, allowing better care for those in hospitals who come through the door. And doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel in New York City have used their experiences during the spring surge to significantly improve hospital care.

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