The VIP leader who left the press conference announcing the seat formula, when the seats were not decided – pushed us in the back

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  • Bihar Assembly Election 2020: The formula for seats in the Mahagatbandhan Grand Alliance has been decided

Patna2 minutes agoAuthor: Brijam Pandey

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  • Tejaswi Yadav will be the next Chief Minister of a great alliance, he said – an ordinary Bihari, his promise will be fulfilled
  • Tejaswi Yadav said- The first decision on the formation of the government, 10 lakh government jobs will come

In the Bihar Assembly elections, the formula for seats in the Grand Alliance was decided for 243 seats. So far, the RJD’s hostility, which claims to be contesting more than 150 seats, has softened following the displeasure of its allies. It will contest 144 seats. Congress won 70 seats. However, with the announcement of the seats, there was a split in the alliance. VIP leader Mukesh Sahni, who was dissatisfied with the formula, said, “We were stabbed in the back.”

This is the formula for Grand Alliance seats
RJD:RJD will also give 144, Mukesh Sahni party VIP and JMM seats
Meeting: 70, by-election Lok Sabha Valmikinagar
CPI male: 19
CPI: 6
CPM: 4

Total seats: 243

Tejaswi held a press conference an hour after his brother’s health deteriorated

  • Tej Pratap’s brother came to a press conference after his health deteriorated. “Some of our comrades have to make sacrifices to defeat the NDA,” he said. We will save their sacrifice.
  • Tejaswi said- The parties involved in the great alliance trusted my leadership. I live according to everyone’s faith. Digging at Nitish Kumar, he said the double-engine government was in the ICU. The Nitish government has failed to eradicate poverty and hunger. Sticks run over the poor.
  • Tejaswi said- We are typical Bihari. Those who have made a promise will keep it. Our DNA is completely pure. We give Bihar a great alternative like pure water. We will give 10 lakh permanent and government jobs with the first pen in the first cabinet. There is no fee to fill out an application for a job.

VIP uproar at press conference
As soon as Tejaswi announced the partnership of seats, Mukesh Sahni supporters of the VIP party started chanting Tejaswi Murdabad slogans. Sahni told a press conference that we had joined the alliance with the demand for 25 seats and the post of Deputy Chief Minister, but our backs were cut off. It was then that Sahani got up from there and left. At the same time, Sahani supporters created a ruckus.


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