The US records 12 million cases as the virus speeds up.

Passed the United States 11 million On Sunday, total cases of coronovirus have been reported, and its caseloid has now exceeded 12 million. New daily cases reaching 200,000: On Friday, the country recorded over 198,500.

As the nation rethinks normal winter vacation travel and casual indoor celebrations, new cases are surfacing in an incredible clip. The seven-day average exceeds 100,000 cases every day for the past two weeks, according to A. New York Times Database.

The number of deaths in the country till Saturday afternoon stood at 254,320. And A Times Analysis This indicates that the death rate is normal in the United States, which is higher than normal in all 50 states, because the epidemic induces unusual patterns of death.

The latest virus growth started intensifying in most parts of the country in mid-October. It took just two weeks for the country to go through eight million cases Nine million on 30 October; It only took 10 days to go from nine to 10 million. From one crore It took 11 million within just seven days.

Despite new cases and almost daily records for both admitted to hospital, There remains a bipartisan reluctance to release the order to sweep the house seen in the early days of the epidemic. In their place, officers are setting up 10 pm Curfew, Closing schools And announcement Long protest mask mandate.

In Illinois, residents may have pondered an apoptic alert on their phone on Friday evening: “Effective today, all of Illinois enters Tier 3 mitigation. When possible, work from home, avoid unnecessary travel, And celebrate the holidays with extended family virtually. “The state has Average More than 12,000 cases per day Last week and just below for some areas of the state A few dozen ICU beds.

Still, the resolution of citizenship is slim.

And as families weigh in on what to gather for the thanks, creeping back in the headlines are hours-long lines for tests, the hospital’s overcrowded systems and the demand for additional refrigerated morgue trucks.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges Americans to avoid traveling Thank you And only to celebrate with members of their immediate homes. It is unclear how many families across the United States will make changes to their vacation plans, despite the pleas of government officials and public health experts.

“Before we can embrace each other, eat together and let this year be a distant memory,” Dr. Elizabeth Poorman, An internal medicine physician, wrote for NPR. “I beg you, don’t let this thanks be your last.”

Records are falling during times of great political tension. President Trump has refused to acknowledge his losses to state and local governments to stop the fight against the virus, which continues in its own way, and President-Elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. argues in vain for a onset of infection, warning. Failure to do so will cost life.

The Trump administration’s coronavirus response coordinator Drs. Deborah L. Birks are issuing strict assessments, urging Americans to “raise their vigilance” as they await approval of a vaccine.

He implicated Americans on Thursday to face social disturbances and wear masks.

National rhetoric is slowing shifting. Village. Kim reynolds Iowa, a Republican, announced a statewide mask mandate after months of this week, an unimaginable “feel-good measure”. Iowa It has the sixth-highest rate of new cases in the nation.

“If I don’t buy into this, we lose,” Ms. Reynolds said, warning that the hospital system could collapse. “The cost in human life will be high.”

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