The son of the aunt who impregnated the minor .. The girl who did not register the case! Khaki’s shocking twist

The parents, who were taken to the hospital, were in unexpected shock as the daughter had been ill for a few days. The thieves were heartbroken to learn that their daughter was pregnant rather than married. Slowly looking for the daughter, it was found that her own cousin had committed the murder. The police made a shocking turn as the victim did not come forward to file a complaint. A tragic incident took place in Visakhapatnam.

A 15-year-old girl from Visakhapatnam Second Urban Police Station area met her own cousin. He believed in her magic and physically subdued her. She always said that she was going to get married and had sexual desires. A few days later the girl fell ill and her parents took her to KGH. The parents were embarrassed when doctors examined the girl, telling them that she was pregnant. She was surprised to learn that her daughter was pregnant rather than married.

The torture came to light as the girl slowly descended. Her parents immediately told the police that the aunt got her son murdered by telling him that he was getting married. It is notable that the girl, who did not realize she was cheated, did not come forward to complain about her son-in-law. It is known that the victim refused to file a complaint as he was the son of his own aunt.

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However, the police unexpectedly slammed the accused. The police registered a case against the accused and sent him to jail because despite his permission, having sex with a minor girl was an offense under the law. The investigation is being done under the direction of ACP Premkajal. The suspect was arrested within hours and taken to jail on Tuesday.

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