The receptionist thought so, but she was the hiring manager .. Job in 5 minutes!

ChaudharyThe dream of the average citizen is to get a good job as soon as it starts. Work hard for that dream However .. Companies do the same level of exercise to appoint good people to those jobs. The recruitment process is also undergoing the latest changes in the changing competitive world. Some organizations prioritize candidate behavior over skills. New tests are being conducted to ascertain the capabilities and behavior of employees.

A user recently posted on the social media platform Reddit. A man who came for the job told in the post how he missed that opportunity in just 5 minutes. Currently that post has gone viral. Because .. it is telling a valuable lesson for those who are trying for jobs.

What happened in the interview?
Job offered by a company The interview A man received the call and came to the building where the company’s office is located. When he arrived, a lady in the reception chair greeted him with a smile. Tried to find out if he needed any help. But, the person who came for the interview ignored Avmi and went straight to the chair in the reception hall. He was waiting for his time.

Meanwhile the receptionist once again looked at him. Greeted with a smile. She made it clear with her eyes that she could talk to him ruthlessly if she needed any help. But, he ignored Avami. He acted as if he was punctured by a receptionist who came in for a top job. Exhibited little pride.

Meanwhile, he got a call from the hiring major. He rushed towards the room with little joy when he received a call for an HR interview. Very politely knocked on the door of that room. Looked inside and ate the jerk. Because .. the woman sitting in the receptionist’s chair is on the hiring manager’s seat.

The man’s behavior changed dramatically when he learned that he was a hiring manager. Demonstrated the manners and modesty found with him. He started talking as soon as there was concern in his mind.

How to behave in an interview?

In our organization there are very valuable persons working in every post. To protect the honor. Try to behave well with everyone in this building. Thank you for taking the time for this interview. The lady employee said, your interview is over. When the receptionist sat in the chair, he spoke very politely and respectfully .. He said those words with the same respect. Hearing this, Manodi fully understood the case.

Not a job, lost personality.
The candidate slowly moved in search of the personality he had lost in search of a job. His interview ended within 5 minutes of entering the building. If the interview fails .. it has taught valuable lessons for the job and life.

A Reddit user named U / sawta2112 described the experience of encountering a person where he had gone for an interview. Netizens reading this are making interesting comments. Some people shared their experiences in interviews.

What is a speed testTrick test)? What is this interview teaching?
Here the manager worked as a receptionist in the position of hiring the employee. This is a short examination of the current process in the job selection process. It is considered a trick test. The unemployed man lost his job in just 5 minutes after failing the gait test.

He did not want to talk to her who was in reception attire. He greeted her respectfully, but carried Prakash despite repeated attempts to speak. ‘I didn’t work with you’ he looked at her. He acted as if he was a decision maker. It was this behavior that led to him losing his job opportunity. So when you go for a job, it is very important to respect everyone working there.

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