The rapidly increasing active cases in France and America, the number of such patients in India is declining; 4.27 crore cases in the world so far

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The photo is from America. The auto parts plant here was shut down due to the corona. Employees protested Saturday, demanding that work resume.

  • So far more than 11.52 lakh people have lost their lives and more than 1 crore patients are being treated.
  • In the active case 1% of the patients the condition was toxic and 99% of the patients had mild symptoms

The second wave of the corona began in many countries of the world. Most of these are found in France and America. There is also a breakthrough in active cases here. Now every day 20 to 25 thousand new active cases are increasing. In contrast, the number of active cases in India is declining by 10 to 20 thousand every day. However, during the festive season and winter, experts say Indian figures could also boom.

More than 42 million people have been infected worldwide so far. Of these, more than 11 lakh 52 thousand died and 10 million patients are still in treatment. So far 30 million people have recovered. According to statistics, in active cases, 1% or 76,942 patients are in critical condition. The remaining 99%, or 99 million patients, had mild symptoms. These statistics are according to

Belgium now has a tight lockdown
The Belgian government is set to impose a national lockdown for the second time since the introduction of the coronavirus. This time the lockdown will be even tougher than the previous one. The government is currently alerting hospitals. In addition, we decided to postpone risk-free surgeries as well. Its goal is to reduce congestion in hospitals and keep beds empty.

The new prime minister, Alexander de Crowe, has said there is no other way. We need to fix our system as soon as possible. All types of events are canceled. Parks are closed. Work from home orders issued to employees. All kinds of hotels, bars and restaurants were also closed.

Deaths could rise in America
The death toll from the outbreak in the United States could cross five million by February, according to a new study. This became the biggest problem in the American election. President Donald Trump is under pressure. If the second wave is not controlled, five million 11,000 people could die, according to a study by the University of Washington. According to the study, if care is not taken and the vaccine does not come, another three lakh lives will be lost. It only takes four months for this to happen.

A health worker carrying a female model on a road in Milwaukee, USA.  If one study is not taken care of, the number of people dying from the infection in the U.S. could reach up to half a million by February.

A health worker carrying a female model on a road in Milwaukee, USA. If one study is not taken care of, the number of people dying from the infection in the US could reach up to half a million by February.

The second wave proves to be even more deadly in France
The French Ministry of Health says a second wave of infection in the country is proving to be far more dangerous than the first. An emergency plan has been prepared to address this. Apart from this, a warning was issued to the hospitals. There are already night curfews in 9 cities across the country. Preparations are also underway to place it in a few more areas now. On Friday, 43,000 new cases were found here. On Saturday, the number dropped to 41,000. The number of patients admitted to the hospital is also increasing rapidly.

34 thousand people died in Spain
Spain is the first country in Western Europe to have more than 1 million infected people. The government has made it clear that the second wave is likely to prove even more deadly, so tougher sanctions will be imposed. On the other hand, the situation is similar in France. More than 10 lakh cases have also been registered here. More than 34 thousand people died. The situation improved slightly after the imposition of curfew in 9 cities. About 40,000 cases were reported on the first day. On Wednesday, 25,000 new cases were uncovered.


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