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railway Minister Piyush Goyal In a tweet it was announced that he has joined the new made in India Twitter The alternative is called ku. The Social media platform Is similar to Twitter and calls itself the ‘voice of India’. Instead of the Blue Twitter bird, Ku Identifies himself with a yellow bird. But there is a big difference between the two. While Twitter allows you to create an account with just an email ID, Ku requires a valid mobile number. Your phone number is verified through an OTP when you first register at Koo. The app is available on Android, iOS and can also be accessed on a web browser.

Koo has a character limit of 400 and you can do almost everything you need to do on Twitter such as following other users, posting pictures, audio or video, attaching a web link or YouTube link. You can also use hashtags and tag people using ‘@’.

With Koo, you can post polls and even record and post audio or video instantly. According to the application description: “Ku is an idea and opinion sharing micro-blogging platform. The discussion is around Indian ideas. It empowers people to express their views in Indian languages ​​with a strong Indian local community. ”
The social media app supports Indian languages ​​such as Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. Other local languages ​​will also be added soon. “Only 10% of India speaks English. About 1 billion people in India do not know English. Instead they speak one of the 100 languages ​​of India. They are now accessing smartphones and would prefer Internet in their language. However, most of the Internet is in English. Ku is an attempt to listen to the voice of these Indians, ”the app makers said on their website.


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