Mara and Donna: A Living Tribute to Argentina’s Great Footballer Diego Maradona Football News – Latest Breaking News

BUENOS AIRES: The spirit of the Rotundo family in Buenos Aires Diego Maradona There is a living tribute: twins nine year old girls, hit And Dona, in the name of Football Legend who died this week.
An addictive play, one of the world’s best that led Argentina to World Cup glory, he was inspired by the support and inspiration through his magic on the pitch, despite a turbulent personal life plagued by drug addiction in spite of.
Maradona died of cardiac arrest on Wednesday and was laid to rest on Thursday with great pomp and high emotion, with thousands crowded the streets around the capital as his body was buried. Was.
The naming of the twins was never in doubt, said his father, Walter Rotundo, who has a tattoo of Maradona on his back and proudly shows a photo of the football star with a photo of the two girls as infants.
Walter said the decision on the names goes back to the 1990 World Cup when he saw Maradona weeping inconsistently after a 1–0 final loss to West Germany. He told his wife, Stella Maris Pres, for the first time that they would meet that they would have two daughters one day – named after the star.
Maradona has almost cult status in Argentina, where his surname “D10S” is a play of the Spanish word for “God” and his famous number 10 shirt. Mara and Donna have their own Argentinian shirts with their numbers and names.
Mara, one minute older than her sister, said that she loved her name and the story behind it.
He said, “I find this name very beautiful and what I love most about this name is why they call me. I think this name is amazing.”
Donna said Maradona’s death came as a shock.
“I can’t believe he died or why he died,” she said. “He’s a very nice person, he didn’t deserve it.”


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