Lalu gets fodder from jail: Lalu tells BJP MLA Lalan Paswan 3 times on phone – Speaker not to contest elections

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Patna34 minutes ago

RJD national president Lalu Prasad’s audio goes viral before he casts his vote for speaker in the Bihar Assembly. In this, Lalu is talking to BJP MLA Lalan Paswan from Pirappati on his mobile. Lalu says he should not vote for the Speaker in the Legislative Assembly. Lalu said this 3 times. Talking to Lalu Lalan, he said that it has become a corona and he will take you forward.

Read the whole conversation … First Lalu Assistant: Hello, Pranam Sir, MLA is speaking … MLA PA: No, his PA is speaking Lalu Assistant: Please Hon’ble Lalu Prasad Yadav speaks … MLA PA: Hello, where are you sir .. Lalu Assistant: From Ranchi … Speak .. Lalu: Yes, Paswan ji, Congratulations … Paswan: Pranam, Charan touch .. Lalu: Yes, listen, we will take you there too tomorrow … November 25 ) This is the Speaker’s election … we will make you a minister … tomorrow they will fall (JDU-BJP government) … Paswan: We are not the party I sir … Lalu: If you are in the party then you are intoxicated … Corona happened, Speaker (it is not clearly heard here) … then we will see … Paswan: We are at the party sir, a little… (skeptical) OK Sir… Lalu: Engage, you Paswan ji న్ Paswan: We have come to your notice sir… we will talk Ok Lalu: Alright..jet absent

When Lalu got the call, Sushil Modi was at home: Lalan Paswan
‘We felt that everyone congratulated us after winning the election. I picked up my PA phone. Some say Lalu Prasad Yadav is speaking. I bowed to him, even touched his feet, and he blessed me. Then they started telling us, you should bring down the speaker, bring down the government, we should push forward, we will make ministers. I told him I belonged to the party and could not do so. The conversation that ensued is evident in the audio. He can hear. During the conversation, I was at the residence of Hon’ble party leader Sushil Kumar Modi. As soon as PA told me that Lalu Jiki had a call, I was alert. I immediately told Sushil Ji this thing.

Sushil Modi gave Lalu number in his tweet
Sushil Modi tweeted that he was contacting NDA MLAs from a specific number. This number belongs to Lalu Yadav and when he called that number, Lalu Yadav received it directly. Sushil Modi then asked Lalu to stop this dirty game. You can never succeed.

When Sushil Modi checked the mobile number 8051216302 mentioned in his tweet, ‘True Caller’, that number was saved as ‘Irfan Ranchi Lalu Ji’. Irfan is an old close associate of Lalu Prasad.


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