iPhone 11 Rebates: Amazon Sales: 2 ‘Reasons’ This may be the best time to buy iPhone 11 in addition to discounts – Latest Breaking News

Adventuress And Apple are offering deals on both e-stores iphone 11 This is the highest value of money iPhone in 2020. whereas Amazon is selling the iPhone 11 (64GB) version for Rs 47,999., Apple is offering the same phone with AirPods of Rs 14,900 for Rs 54,900. Amazon offered free AirPods deals for a short time.
The delivery times of the platform are the same. But there are two big advantages to buying iphone 11 From Amazon: You’ll find a free charging adapter and earpods (with wired earphones Lightning connector) inside the box. Apple E-Store is providing a free USB Type-C to Lightning port cable for charging needs only.

Adventuress Apple website
iPhone 11 (6GB) Price Rs 47,999 (Less than Rs 1,750 for HDFC card) 54,900 rupees with free airpods
(Rs. 14,900 off for others
AirPods Model)
Free stuff Yes (free earpods, adapters and standard USB Type-A to Lightning port charging cable) Free USB Type-C to Lightning port charging cable only
Free engraving No Free engraving on AirPods case

So, if you are wondering whether to buy an iPhone 11 from Amazon or Apple Store, the deal is quite simple. Buy it from Amazon with the best possible price of Rs 47,999. you can also use HDFC bank Card for an additional savings of Rs 1,750.
In addition to the discount, if you are a first-time iPhone buyer, it may be a good idea to get the iPhone 11 from Amazon as a free EarPods, Adapter and standard USB Type-A to Lightning port charging cable. This is because Apple is selling these goods separately for Rs 1,900.

On the other hand, if you buy the iPhone 11 from the Apple Store for Rs 54,900, then you are basically paying Rs 6,901 for the so-called AirPods, instead of paying Rs 14,900, the actual price of the AirPods is a charging case. with. You will get the option to choose different AirPods models. But if you decide not to opt for an AirPods and click ‘No Thanks’, then note that you will still have to pay the same price of Rs 54,900.
This deal is good only if you need AirPods at a discounted price. Remember, all wireless earbuds and headphones work well Iphone. Don’t be under the impression that Apple only supports AirPods for music or calling requirements. Said that without AirPods you will not be able to access Siri through your earphones, if this is something you want.


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