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Indira Gandhi

Bhubaneswar holds a very important place in memory of Indira Gandhi. However, most of them have bitter memories.

His father Jawaharlal Nehru was seriously ill for the first time in the same city. He eventually died in 1964. It was in this city that a man attacked him with a stone during the 1967 election campaign. With this he broke his nose bone.

Indira Gandhi’s final speech on the afternoon of October 30, 1984, as always, her information adviser H.K. why. Was prepared by Shardaprasad.

Today, however, he began speaking on his own, rather than in a pre-arranged speech. There was also a change in his way of speaking.

Indira’s speech said: “I am here today. I cannot live here tomorrow. I have no regrets whether I will stay here or not. I have lived for a long time. I have lived my life in public service Proud to spend. I will continue to serve till my last breath. ” Blood will help strengthen the nation. “

Sometimes destiny .. as words indicating the direction of the time to come.

She reached the palace after the speech. Governor Bishambarnath told him, “You shocked me by mentioning your death.”

Indira said that she spoke the facts honestly.

Did not sleep all night

By the time she reached Delhi that night, Indira was very tired. She slept very little that night.

Sonia, who was sleeping in the front room, was still awake when she went to the bathroom for asthma treatment at 4 am.

In her book ‘Rajiv’, Sonia Gandhi writes that Indira too followed her to the bathroom and helped her in her search for medicine.

Sonia wrote that Indira told her that if she gets into trouble again, she will call him.

Peter Ustinov

Low breakfast

Indira used to get up at seven thirty in the morning. She wore a black fringe saree that day.

The first appointment that day was with Peter Ustinov. He is making a documentary on Indira Gandhi. Ustinov also shot him during a visit to Odisha a day earlier.

In the afternoon, she is scheduled to meet former British Prime Minister James Collegan and the leader of Mizoram. That night she was to give dinner to Princess Yan of Britain.

Dr. after breakfast KP Mathur reached there when the makeup man was dipping the powder and blusher on his face. That’s when he used to come every day to see her.

He gave Dr. Called Mathur inside and talked there.

US President Ronald Reagan joked with Mathur that he wears too much makeup and when he turned 80, his hair is still black.

Indira Gandhi

Firing at once

The sun was intense when she came out at nine hours and 10 minutes. Narayan Singh, a soldier, is holding a black umbrella and walking beside him to keep the sun out.

He is followed by RK Dhawan and Nathu Ram Incasta, a personal aide of Indira Gandhi.

They are followed by private security officer Sub-Inspector Rameshwar Dayal.

A colleague then grabbed a tea set in front of her and as she was leaving, Indira Gandhi called her and asked her to bring another tea set for Ustinov.

Indira Gandhi while talking to Dhawan said that she leads from Akbar Road towards Wicket Gate.

Talking to Indira Gandhi, Dhawan said that as you said, the President, who was on a visit to Yemen, was asked to come at 7 pm.

He received you from the airport on Palam Road in Delhi and told Indira Gandhi that she was to attend a dinner with Britain’s Princess Yan.

Beant Singh, a security guard on duty there, suddenly pulled out a revolver and opened fire on Indira Gandhi. The bullet hit his stomach.

His right hand was blocked for the protection of his face but then Beant Singh fired two more rounds at the point blank range. This caused serious injuries to his shoulders, heart and back.

Indira Gandhi

Kalchi .. Calchey

At a distance of five feet, Satwant Singh was standing holding his Thomson auto carbine gun.

When Indira Gandhi fell she was shocked and could not leave.

Then Beant Singh yelled at him to shoot him.

Satwant Singh immediately dropped a total of 25 bullets from his Thomson auto carbine into Indira Gandhi’s body.

Security forces did not react even for 25 seconds after Beant Singh fired for the first time.

Rameshwar Dayal, who was following everyone after being fired by Satwant, started running ahead.

But before he could reach Indira Gandhi, Satwant fell on her thighs and feet.

Indira Gandhi’s personal support staff dismembered her body and also ordered each other.

Dinesh Kumar Bhat, a police officer on Akbar Road came out wondering why the scream was coming.

Indira Gandhi

No ambulance

Then Beant Singh and Satwant Singh laid down their arms and said, “We have done what we wanted to do. Now do what you want to do.”

Then Narayan Singh stepped forward and overthrew Beant Singh. ITBP jawans rushed from a nearby room and arrested Satwant Singh.

Ambulances were always there. But, why the driver did not come that day, then Indira Gandhi’s political advisor Makhan Lal Fotedar shouted that he should not take the car.

Indira Gandhi was picked up by RK Dhawan and security officer Dinesh and laid on the back seat of the white ambassador car.

Dhawan, Fotedar and the driver were sitting in the front seat. After the car moved forward, Sonia Gandhi ran barefoot in her dressing gown while shouting “Mummy-mummy”.

Sonia Gandhi placed Indira’s head in a pool of blood on her lap. The car was going towards Ames.

No one said anything during this four-kilometer journey. Sonia Gandhi soaked in Indira Gandhi’s blood.

Indira Gandhi

No stretcher

The car reached AIIMS in nine hours and 32 minutes. Indira Gandhi does not have enough blood of the ORH negative group.

But nobody from Safdarjung Road called AIIMS and said that they were taking Indira Gandhi as such.

It took three minutes to open the gate of the emergency ward and get Indira Gandhi out of the car. Then there was not a single stretcher available.

Somehow a stretcher was installed. The doctors there were confused when Indira Gandhi was ejected from the car.

He immediately called the AIIMS senior cardiologist and gave information. Within minutes, Drs. Guleria, dr. MM Kapoor and Dr. s. Balarama appeared there.

Indira Gandhi

An electrocardiogram works Indira Gandhi’s heart elsewhere, but shows the pulse rate.

It was as if eggs were bursting in his eyes. It indicates that he has a brain injury.

A doctor inserted a tube into her trachea to get oxygen to her lungs and work her brain.

Indira Gandhi put 80 bottles of blood in her body. Five times more than the blood in his body.

“As soon as I saw him, I felt that he is no more. We scanned the ECG to confirm this. I asked the then Health Minister Shankaranand whether we should do it now. Should he be declared dead?” He said, “Then we can take him to the operating theater.”

Indira Gandhi

Only the heart is safe!

The doctors put his body on the heart and lung machine. Due to this machine, his blood temperature decreased from 37 degrees to 31 degrees.

Ames takes her to the operation theater on the eighth floor when she learns that she is dead.

He was revealed to have fractured right part of his liver with gunpoint. There were about 12 holes in his large intestine. The small intestine was also almost damaged.

The bullet went into the lungs. His spine was also damaged by bullets. Only his heart was safe.

Indira Gandhi

They are on duty

Four hours after the shooting of Indira Gandhi, about two hours and 23 minutes in the afternoon, Indira announced that she was no more.

But government broadcasters did not announce the death of Indira Gandhi even after six o’clock in the evening.

Indira Gandhi biographer Inder Malhotra said that intelligence agencies had already expressed concern over the possibility of such an attack on Indira Gandhi.

Intelligence agencies also recommended that all Sikh security personnel be evicted from his house.

But when the file went to Indira Gandhi, she angrily asked, “Are we secular? Are we secular leaders?”

It was then decided not to keep two Sikh security personnel with them at one time.

On 31 October, Satwant Singh was admitted to the toilet that day due to stomach ache.

Thus both Beant and Satwant came together to avenge Operation Blue Star on Indira Gandhi.

(Today is the death anniversary of Indira Gandhi)

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