IAS Success Story: Ramith takes courage from engineer to UPSC topper, he did not lose courage for many years

IAS Topper Ramith Chennithala Success Story: Before entering the UPSC field, Ramit graduated from Computer Engineering. After graduation, he was also given a lot of jobs through campus placements, but Ramith did not accept any job. After getting here, he did not want to go into the IT field or he changed his mind. Eventually, Ramit rejected the job offer and prepared for UPSC. Knowing that success in this field will not come easily, and despite many attempts the candidates failed, Ramith took this risk. Initially, Ramith also had to face failures, but he never gave up on it. Finally, on the third attempt, Ramith was ranked 210th. Under this he was assigned IPS service. Not only this, when Ramith was selected in 2017, he was the highest scorer in the interview this year.

In an interview with Delhi Knowledge Track, Ramith spoke in detail about the preparation of the UPSC Personality Test.

Ramith Early Education

Ramith was born and educated in Delhi, though he is from Kerala, so to speak, about his base. After staying in Delhi till 12th class, Ramith went to Kerala to graduate and spent four years there. It was at this point that the idea of ​​giving Ramith a UPSC exam came up. Ramit left the job offers coming from the front and started preparations for UPSC with family support. He was eventually selected on his third attempt after two attempts.

I imagine myself in the interview hall every day –

Speaking about the interview, Ramith said that it would make you laugh to hear it, but from the day he got the interview call, he would sit in the hall every day for the interview and imagine. He was so excited and happy for the interview that he could not describe it in words. They thought they would go to such halls every day, greet everyone, and talk like that. He said he had benefited a lot and they consider it a kind of meditation, which helped him a lot in the last interview.

Important role of the newspaper –

Personality Test Even if you do not take your knowledge test, do nothing more to update yourself, but read the newspaper daily. With this, you know all the latest news. Speaking further, Ramith said that no matter how many times you prepare, there are some questions that no one knows. In such a situation, finish the thing by saying do not be afraid and politely apologize. Board members try many times to force you but keep your balance. Work and compose the interview and keep a small smile on the face.

Small but important things –

Taking this matter further, in the interview, keep in mind some small but important things that can have a significant impact even if they seem small to look at, Ramith said. Entering the room only by asking permission, sitting only when speaking, answering as asked, wearing comfortable and comfy clothes, keeping the hair short and shaving clean first greeted the female member.

The other important thing is to answer honestly. Say anything there, don’t talk compulsively, don’t try to lie. Prepare your dough properly and give balanced answers to each question. By taking care of these small but important things, you can also get good marks in the interview.

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