IAS Success Story: Frustrated with repeated failures, Raghav ever decided to leave UPSC, then how did he become a topper?

Success story of IAS topper Raghav Jain: Everyone knows the ups and downs in the UPSC exam. Whenever you succeed here and can’t meet, nothing can be said. Candidates coming into this field are ready for such situations, but when one of the attempts fails to reach the mains and fails to pass before the second attempt, it is natural to be disappointed. A similar thing happened with Raghav Jain. Raghav passed the pre-test on his first attempt in 2017 but got stuck in the mains and failed to pass the pre-test the following year i.e. in 2018. This left him very frustrated and he planned not to take the test in the future. Well, with the help of family and friends, Raghav stood up and was selected the same year when he did not want to write the test and after getting 127 rank, he was selected for IPS service. In an interview to Delhi Knowledge Track, Raghav spoke on various topics related to exam preparation.

Raghav did MBA –

The best thing that happened to Raghav was that he motorized himself to give the next prompt, otherwise he would never have gotten here. If we talk about his background, Raghav is from Ludhiana and his primary education is completed here. After XII, Raghav did his B.Com and then his MBA. After doing PG, he wanted to write the UPSC exam and came to Delhi for coaching for preparation. Here he spent only 6 months and after a thorough examination of the nature of the examination, returned to Ludhiana and prepared for the rest of the year for the same.

Raghav Jain spoke in detail in an interview with Delhi Knowledge Track –

Study Smart –

Unlike the other candidates, Raghav felt that the syllabus of the UPSC was too big and if they sat down to complete it, the preparation would never be over. They say you have to study smart to pass this test. Focus on important areas and leave out anything that needs to be avoided. The best way to do this is to look at the previous year’s question papers and understand what the UPSC exam procedure is and what questions they ask from a subject. Raghav considers last year to be very important for the preparation of documents.

Mild studies did not work –

Raghav says you need in-depth knowledge to clear this test. People say that if you prepare for prep, then the mains will happen by itself, but this is not the case. The success of the pre-exam elimination is very much related to things like learning, working and applying common sense. Men, however, must have a very deep knowledge of any subject. Therefore, make different preparations according to the two. Take a lot of tests for the pre, so you can learn the elimination technique and so on, because most of the questions of the pre exam are not available to anyone. Common sense has to be imposed a lot here and more questions have to be asked. Even if you leave a lot of questions, you will not be selected. Therefore, if one of the given options is jute, then be sure to answer that question.

Remember these things –

After NCERT, prepare with standard books and when the syllabus is somewhat complete, focus on the practice of writing the answer, Raghav said. They said the mains numbers were relevant to the show. Whoever can write their answers effectively and in an excellent manner, on top of that, he gets the score. So practice a lot and learn to invert the answers.

Do not take articles and ethics lightly and focus on them equally. These papers will tarnish your rank and. In their case morality had very low marks in their second attempt. The uniqueness of these papers is that even if you give them one day a week, you can still score well for a few hours.

In the end, it is important to pass this test. Work hard with smart work, be a consultant and be patient, you will definitely succeed one day.

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