IAS Success Story: Despite three failures, Naomi did not stop and became an IAS officer for the fourth time.

Success story of IAS topper Namami Bansal: UPSC travel can be a long time for most candidates. For the year, even after trying, they are not selected. In such a situation, the pressure will increase if the candidate is a girl. But those whose intentions are certain, they are not afraid of failures or social pressures, but will continue to face them until they are chosen.

Our current candidate Namami Bansal is like this. Namami, Rishikesh came from Uttarakhand and her early education and writing took place here. After XII, Namami moved to Delhi and graduated in Economics Honors from the prestigious Lady Shri Ram College.

After graduation, Naomi worked for a few years, but later decided to take the UPSC CSE exam. Despite his best efforts, Naomi failed three times, not once or twice. However, Naomi never lost courage and became an IAS for the fourth time. In an interview with Delhi Knowledge Track, Namami spoke on various topics.

Perfect for making every time –

Speaking of preparation, Naomi gives the first tip that there is no right time to prepare for the exam, since the day you decide to give the exam, that time is perfect. If you are married, working or dropping out of school for many years, you should understand from this stage that you should not underestimate yourself under any circumstances. If you think you can do it, you can do it and if you can’t do it, you can’t do it.

When you are committed to preparing, first select the NCERT books in the second step. Namami says these books strengthen the useful base. Also, the items described in these books are so good that you will not find them anywhere else. That is why NCERT books are a must read.

Watch the interview given by Namami Bansal to Nam Delhi Knowledge Track here –

Naomi Experience –

The next important thing Naomi says is that if you feel you need coaching, you should join. Coaching is very important for those who do not follow discipline. If you also feel that you can achieve this push by going ahead and coaching, then take the help of coaching. Although Naomi did not take coaching herself and four subjects were given from self-study.

In the end, when preparing for this test, you need to motorize yourself and adopt an optimistic attitude, only then will the journey be complete. Because this journey can become very volatile at times. Do not apply it from the heart if you repeatedly fail because you have made your effort. Even if it takes some time to succeed, don’t underestimate the efforts. Honest effort will surely reach the destination.

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