IAS Success Story: Coaching or Test Series, Not Only Self-Study, Passed the Simulation UPSC Exam

IAS Topper Anukriti Sharma Success Story: After marriage, women often feel that they do not have much professional opportunities or that it is very difficult to get a career. But in such a scenario, candidates like Anukriti Sharma who are planning to crack down on tough exams like UPSC after marriage will also appear. Not only this, they also show by passing this difficult test. There are other records associated with Anukriti Sharma, who never took coaching or joined the Test series to pass this test. Practicing answer writing without joining the exam series is not that easy. But the simulation also made this difficult task come true. In an interview with Knowledge Delhi Knowledge Track, he spoke on how to improve answer writing in addition to preparing for the simulation test.

Selected twice out of five attempts –

Anukriti’s UPSC journey is long overdue. After several attempts, he finally succeeded. However, Anukriti, who was ranked 138th in 2019, also passed the UPSC CSE exam in the first year of 2017 in three stages and was selected with 355 ranks. This is the fourth attempt at parody. By this time, he had given a total of four prompts, of which he had written Mains three times. The good thing is that their number of men has tripled, i.e., they have not been selected, but the development has continued. After the year 2017, Anukriti did not give aptitude for 2018 and after a gap of one year she sat for the exam directly in 2019 and this time she was selected from the better rank.

Anukriti Sharma spoke in detail in an interview with Delhi Knowledge Track –

There are no teachers other than the Internet –

All preparations for the imitation took place with the help of the Internet. Whether you want to know about the test or compare your answers with the toppers Anokriti used the internet for every small and big job. She also said that everything you need to prepare for this exam is available on the internet, so you can succeed in this exam without taking coaching or joining a test series. He himself is a living example of this. Wherever you want to get information, you can find it on the net. Apart from this, you can also watch more motivational videos on the net which will help you to get out of the frustrating days.

Write constructive answers, then you will get marks –

Anukriti said that she repeatedly searched for the reasons for failing the Mains exam and found that her answers were not the way to be topped. She says I used to write answers like a school kid. Then, seeing the Toppers copy, Anukriti learned that a good answer should be constructive and how to learn this mode.

Headings, subheadings, bullets, etc. should be in your answer as well as highlight the part to be highlighted. When the examiner checks your copy, understand that his eyesight will reach the necessary parts on its own.

Remember these things –

Anukriti bring this matter forward, remember one thing and answer the question asked in the question, do not go round and round, do not go to unnecessary parts. Second thing, say everything you ask. That is, if the question is in two parts, the answer must also be in two parts.

Use diagrams, flowcharts, tests, etc. wherever possible, which will also give good marks. Take reports, data, quotes, etc. and place them in the center according to the need of the answer. After writing the answer, compare it with Topper’s answer and see how you wrote the answer and how Topper writes. This way, keep checking your answers constantly and improve them where needed. With this you will definitely get good numbers in Mains‌.

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