IAS Success Story: Ashish failed the pre-test in the first exam to overcome his shortcomings and become the UPSC topper in the second attempt

IAS Topper Ashish Kumar Success Story: Ashish from Darjeeling passed the UPSC CSE exam in his second attempt in 2019. Prior to this, Ashish had failed in the first phase, i.e. before. However, not disappointed with his failure, Ashish took an education from him and after removing all the flaws, he was not only selected in the next exam, but also topped with the 53rd rank.

According to the rank, Ashish got the IAS post according to his mind. In the interview, Ashish discussed various topics related to the exam and also talked about his mistakes so that other candidates can learn from their mistakes and not repeat them. Ashish shared his experiences in an interview with Delhi Knowledge Track.

The selection was stopped by these three errors –

Ashish said that he had made three mistakes in his previous prompt, so he failed. This is due to keeping too much source, not being able to edit properly, secondly not seeing UPSC papers last year and thirdly lacking proper strategy. If these three had to be done separately, they could say that Ashish had prepared for them by keeping more books, but he could not do it, as well as he should be restored. Because of this, they were very upset on the day of the test.

For the second issue, Ashish says that no matter how many mock tests you give, this mock never replaces the main test. If you want to know the proper examination procedure of UPSC, check the previous year paper of CSE. This will give you an idea of ​​the basic nature of the test.

Now come to the last but most important thing and that is the right strategy. Ashish says, make a schedule for yourself from the beginning to the end of the preparation and follow it rather than scheduling. This is very important for success.

See the interview given by Ashish Kumar on Know Delhi Knowledge Track –

Ashish Experience –

Ashish says, first, plan for yourself according to your needs and not by copying anyone. How many hours a day you should study, how to study, whether to take coaching, etc. and many similar decisions should be based on your needs. Taking coaching is not a bad thing or asking for help from the internet, but it is up to you which method to choose for yourself.

As far as study hours are concerned, read your schedule completion time. It’s up to you how to do it. In the end, Ashish advises to study, study and do very well, but rather, set aside time for yourself. Give time to your hobbies because sometimes this journey becomes too long. If you do not keep your mind fresh, it will be more difficult to reach the destination. If you take care of these small but important things, you will definitely succeed.

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