IAS Success Story: Anshuman completes this journey in three attempts to become an engineer UPSC topper, find out his strategy here

IAS Topper Anshuman Rajans Success Story: Anshuman Rajans studied engineering before joining UPSC. He graduated in Physics Engineering from IIT Delhi and decided to appear for the UPSC CSE and Indian Forest Services exam after graduation for some reason. Despite graduation Anshuman repeatedly failed the UPSC exam and started preparing every possible path from his side. However, despite repeated failures, Anshuman did not lose courage and began to prepare anew every time. His efforts finally paid off and in his third attempt in 2018, Anshuman passed the IFOS and UPSC CSE exams. In an interview with Delhi Knowledge Track, Anshuman discussed various important aspects of the Test series.

130 plus score in three exams, three in pre-exam –

Anshuman’s special thing about this journey is that it took him three attempts to achieve the final victory, but he passed the UPSC CSE exam in the first and most difficult stage of all three. Anshuman was selected three times in the pre-test and the score was 130 plus. However, Anshuman believes that the test series plays a very important role in succeeding in this test, so candidates should join the test series and keep these things in mind before joining them.

How is the evaluation of the test series –

Anshuman says that when you give them a test, they will evaluate your documents. In such a situation, be sure to know how the valuation is done there because their opinion is very important to you. You can ask your seniors or anyone who has given a test series there.

The next important thing is the video discussion. When candidates write the test, tears are discussed via video. Before joining the exam series, also look at how the people discussing are, what the teachers are like and whether the discussion is really fruitful. Learn these points and record them in the exam series.

Quality and personal interaction of the answer format –

Anshuman said that after the examination is over, the institute will give the answer patterns. It is also important for the candidate to know with what quality those answers are being provided. They have all the things that should not be the exact answer.

The next important thing is that, if necessary, personal interaction with teachers can take place. If you are confused about a question or you are doing something wrong again and again, can you meet a teacher in person and remove them? Join the exam series only after learning this and many other small but important things like this.

If you do not join the test series –

Anshuman said not every candidate can come to Delhi and Test series. Therefore, there is a way for such candidates to pick up last year’s papers and practice with them. Compare the answers of the toppers uploaded on the internet and see where you are missing out. If you do not join the test series, it is not a big problem. For this, adopt those other options. Set a time limit for yourself and try to complete the paper within it. If you ‘ve checked your copy two or three times and you know a senior or teacher who tells you your error, there is nothing better than that.

Anshuman Advice –

Anshuman said that the men in the Test series have three goals and you have to work hard at these three ends. First time management because no matter how much the candidate comes in, he will not be able to complete the paper on time if he does not practice enough. Initially, the same paper is completed in four hours, then in three and a half hours, so the time is reduced. The second important thing is whether you can add quality to the content, such as writing a good introduction and summary in any answer, giving subtitles, diagramming and so on. All of these also come from practice, so practice and learn this and the last important thing is to write the answer. It covers all aspects of a good answer, such as saying what is asked, answering each part of the question, taking care of the time limit and word limit, and paying full attention to presentation. All these points are very important for them to pass the exam and test series for their practice. Therefore, after much practice, go for the test.

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