IAS Success Story: Alok Kumar, who topped the UPSC exam in his second attempt, knows the secret of success

IAS Topper Alok Kumar Success Story: Alok Kumar has topped the UPSC CSE exam in 2018. This is his second attempt. At the first assembly, he failed to reach the first stage of the test. Alok’s strategy for preparing for the UPSC exam is very simple and he feels that he needs to take care of some basic things to pass this exam. Alok shared his experience in an interview with Delhi Knowledge Track.

Keep it simple

Alok said that in this way every candidate should make his strategy in his own way but everyone can take care of some basic things. They believe that as simple as strategy, manufacturing also progresses well. Look at the UPSC syllabus first and select the books accordingly. Remember not to pick too many books because it will not finish in the end. Collect as much study material as you can to edit comfortably. Give equal time to the five subjects required for the prequel and do not look for more or less important ones. At the end of the syllabus, complete the test series. Alok feels an important part in the making of the Test series. They say that this test alone will tell you how the subjects studied in the syllabus take the form of questions. So give as many tests as possible.

Take care of the time limit

Alok further said that there is no need to come to Delhi to prepare for the exam. If for some reason you can not go to another city, do not lose your mind. Everything from coaching to Test series is available online, take advantage of it. They are nothing less than physical coaching. In his case, he took a year of coaching to understand the test and then studied himself.

See the interview given by Alok Kumar to Lo Delhi Knowledge Track

Regarding solving the test paper, Alok said that it is an important matter and the paper should be solved in time. Take the test in an exam-like environment and close the paper as soon as the time is up. If you are not so strict with yourself, giving testicles is of no use. Once the test is complete, check it out and prepare answers that are not available. When finally revised, you may not be able to edit the entire review, but be sure to edit them for questions you cannot resolve.

Decide according to your strength and weekend

Speaking of which, Toppers interviews from the internet, look at their answers and help them prepare a preparatory strategy, but make your decisions according to your abilities. Do not copy anyone. Only you, as the parent can know for sure what your strengths or weaknesses are. Plan ahead and plan accordingly. Anyone can understand politics quickly and ethics takes time and someone can have a problem even on a subject like essay. In such a situation, look at how to make a schedule of the subject, which should depend on your abilities and needs, not motivate anyone else.

The next important thing is that Alok considers writing the answer. He says the whole manufacturing squeeze ends here. No matter how much you read, but all hard work is useless if you can’t write properly. Therefore, as soon as some preparations are made, try to write the answer. Where there are errors, try to correct them and complete the paper on time.

Light experience

Alok is of the opinion that whether you can come to Delhi for study (students Delhi first choice for UPSC preparation), or whether you can join coaching. If you are willing to work hard and are firm in your decision, no one can stop you from succeeding. Sometimes it takes time to achieve success, but fear not, others are not sad to see their choice made in one or two years. Every person is different and his abilities are different, so don’t compare yourself to anyone. Give your best and keep worrying about the outcome. Heartfelt effort is never empty.

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