How the Epoch Times created the Giant Influence Machine

The Epoch Times said in a statement that it had no “business relationship” with America’s deli.

Many of the Facebook pages run by The Epoch Times and its partners followed a similar trajectory. They began by posting viral videos and uplifting news articles collected from other sites. They grew quickly, sometimes adding hundreds of thousands of followers a week. Then, they were used to drive people to buy Epoch Times subscriptions and promote more biased content.

Renee Diesta, a disinfection researcher with the Stanford Internet Observatory, said several pages gained a significant following. Many of the posts were shared thousands of times, but received almost no comments – a ratio, Ms. DiResta said, that is typical of pages promoted by “click farms” that allow companies to click certain links Generate fake traffic by paying people over and over again.

The era page refuses to use click forms or other illegal tactics to expand its pages. The outlet said that Apache Times’ social media strategies were different from those of DKN, and that Facebook’s own publicity tools were used for an increased organic following, “the outlet said that The Apatch Times had in 2018 with Mr. Truong Cut ties.

But last year, The Epoch Times was Stopped advertising on facebook – where it had spent more than $ 1.5 million in seven months – the social network announced that the outlet’s pages had met their transparency requirements by disrupting their advertising purchases.

This year, Facebook Took over 500 pages and accounts Connected to Truth Media, a network of anti-China pages that were using fake accounts to amplify their messages. The Epoch Times denied any involvement, but Facebook Investigators Truth Media “showed some links to on-platform activity by Epoch Media Group and NTD.”

A Facebook spokesperson said, “We have taken enforcement action several times against Epoch Media and related groups, which said the social network would punish outlets if more regulations were violated in the future.”

According to Google’s political database, The Epoch Times has moved most of its operations on ads to YouTube since May 2018, after being barred from advertising on Facebook, where it has spent more than $ 1.8 million.

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