How Paytm Implements Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos ‘Two-Pizza’ Rule – Latest Breaking News

Adventuress CEO Jeff bezos He is the richest man in the world with an estimated wealth of $ 190 billion. During Amazon’s early days, Bezos introduced the ‘two-pizza’ rule and now a Business Insider report states that this is something Paytm The same applies in the organization.
The two-pizza rule was simple: internal teams in organizations had to be small enough so that they could be with just two pizzas. The idea is to improve efficiency and scalability. This is something that Paytm does according to its Chief Technology Officer (CTO). As Business Insider reported, Dhodi said of the two-pizza rule that “in my mind the most efficient organizational designs for structuring teams are.”
Paytm, generally, according to reports, a team consists of 6-8 members. Dhodi further said that small teams are more efficient in asserting ownership over particular domains. The two-pizza rule in Paytm means that teams are “the sole owner of that domain”. No one else in the organization owns that domain, ”the Business Insider report was quoted as saying.
Bezos initially applied the two-pizza rule to make meetings more productive. The greater number of people in a meeting is likely to spread over a longer period of time and hence the efficiency of the people decreases. Amazon’s CEO, in fact, once reportedly stated that during the entire year, he spends just six hours meeting with Amazon’s big investors.
According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Bezos has an estimated total wealth of $ 189 billion and in 2020 it is $ 74.1 billion.


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