Google Maps tells you if a restaurant, shop is busy – Latest Breaking News

new Delhi: Google Maps Now you will be able to tell that before you get busy in a restaurant or any other place of business, you get there directly map view9to5Google reports that ‘busyness’ indicators will appear directly on the map, Google The event was announced during its search.
Reportedly, Google Maps will give the indicators “busier than usual” and “as busy as possible” directly under the place names you place in that area. Seeing that a certain restaurant or shop in the area should be busy. You can plan your trip more judiciously. The tech giant demonstrated it in a demo.
Also, if you are navigating to a particular location, on the Maps app Android And iOS will tell you how busy the place is with a busyness indicator allegedly promised “soon” for new locations by Google.
The tech giant also announced some new features that Google Search will get. New AI tools have been implemented for spell recognition, passage recognition, understanding the subtopics of some topics, key moments in the video, and more.
Google has introduced a new spelling algorithm to improve search engine understanding of misspelled words and reduce mistakes. According to Google, the spelling algorithm uses “incorrect neural nets” to improve the recognition of misspellings and also get the correct results within a 3-mile radius. The California-based software giant claims that the new AI spelling update “makes spelling improvements more than all our improvements over the past five years.”


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