Dramatic results after major earthquake in Turkey at least 28

The city, although prone to earthquakes, has many older buildings that are not earthquake resistant.

“What should be done today is being done, but the important thing is what should be done at the Cabinet meeting on Monday,” said opposition legislator Mr. Ojell, more resistant to earthquakes. “It’s a shortage.”

Officials said the death toll in Izmir reached at least 28 people on Saturday. Officials said that more than 350 people are being treated in hospitals, of which 25 are under intensive care. Two more people died on the Greek island of Samos.

Dramatic scenes surfaced on Saturday. In an apartment building, rescue teams focused their efforts on rescuing five members of a family. After managing to open a tunnel through the rubble, they were able to talk to 38-year-old Seher Perines, who was open with his 11-year-old twin, 7-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter, local news reports.

Finally, 23 hours after the earthquake, Ms. Perisk and her two children were thrown alive from the wreckage, as seen in photographs shared with the press by local authorities. One child was killed, news reports said, and rescuers continued to search for the fourth.

“For three hours we communicated with her,” Cem Behar, one of the rescue teams who helped Ms. Perinac and her children, said in a television interview.

“When we first entered, she was searching the walls to identify where she was.” “As we went inside the rubble, we were able to hear his voice.

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