Corona in the world: the price of the Russian vaccine will be announced next week; Mentioned that the price is much lower than Pfizer and Moderna

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WashingtonAn hour ago

In a tweet from Sputnik V’s official Twitter handle, he mentioned that it was cheap.

  • The world has more than 5.84 crore infected so far, 13.86 lakh have died and 4.46 crore are healthy
  • In the US, the number of infected is over 1.24 million, with 2.61 million deaths so far.

Russia’s corona vaccine is cheaper than Sputnik v American company Pfizer and Moderna. This was claimed in a tweet from Sputnik V’s official Twitter handle. A spokesman for the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), which developed the vaccine, will be released next week, citing the Tass news agency.

The company tweeted that a single dose of the vaccine given by Pfizer costs 50 19.50 (Rs. 1446.17). The Moderna is priced from $ 25 to $ 37 (Rs. 1854.07-2744.02). The human being should take two doses. Accordingly, they are priced at $ 39 (Rs. 2892.34), $ 50 to $ 74 (Rs. 3708.13-5488.04). Sputnik-V costs less than these.

When Sputnik-V was registered in August before the massive test, Russia became the first country to do so. The vaccine was developed by the Gamalia National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology and the Russian Direct Investment Fund.

The number of corona patients in the world crossed 58.8 million on Friday. More than 46 million people were healed. More than 13 lakh 86 thousand people have lost their lives so far. These statistics are according to The modern vaccine company was the first to inform about the price of its vaccine. On the other hand, US President Donald Trump has said that Kovid-19 is spreading dangerously not only in America but all over the world. On the other hand, cases of infection in Italy are also increasing rapidly.

Moderna vaccine price is determined by order

The modern vaccine dose ranges from $ 25 to $ 37 (approximately Rs. 1800 to Rs. 2700). The price also depends on how many orders have been received. The company’s chief executive, Stephen Benzel, provided the information. On November 16, a European Commission official said, “We signed a contract with the company for millions of modern doses. It costs less than $ 25 per dose.

On this, Benzel said that no such agreement had been reached and that it was certainly ready. We want to send the vaccine to Europe and negotiations are underway. Recently, Moderna stated that it was 94.5% successful in its vaccine test.

The situation in the top 10 countries affected by corona


Infected Deaths Healing
America 12,450,666 261,790 7,403,847
India 9,095,908 133,263 8,521,617
Brazil 6,052,786 169,016 5,429,158
France 2,127,051 48,518 149,521
Russia 2,064,748 35,778 1,577,435
Spain 1,589,219 42,619 Not available
United Kingdom 1,493,383 54,626 Not available
Italy 1,380,531 49,261 539,524
Argentina 1,366,182 36902 1,187,053
Colombia 1,240,493 35,104 1,144,923

According to statistics

Two million cases again in America
More than 2 lakh infections were reported in the US in a single day on Saturday. Earlier a similar number was revealed. Meanwhile, a long time later, Trump responded on Kovid-19. Trump says – coronavirus is spreading dangerously not only in America, but all over the world. During the presidential election, Joe Biden told every forum that the Trump administration had not been careful in dealing with the corona and that the whole country had to bear its suffering.

The transition increased in Italy
After May, the situation in Italy was again of concern. However, the number of infected people is increasing in almost all countries in Europe. But in Italy the matter is changing drastically. 25,000 new cases were reported here on Saturday. An average of 22,000 new cases are being reported every day since the week.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States has asked people not to travel on cruises because of the high risk of infection.  (File)

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has asked people not to travel on cruises because of the high risk of infection. (File)

Do not travel on vacation
In the US, the Center for Disease Control advises. People are advised not to travel on cruise ships as the risk of infection is very high. While it is very important to travel on a vacation, the counselor says that the test report should be negative three to five days before the trip. It is necessary to stay at home for at least seven days even after returning from travel.
The CDC, in a recent investigation, found that cruise passengers had a higher risk of infection than the general public. Between March 1 and September 28, a total of 3689 passengers and passengers on board the cruise were diagnosed with the disease.


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