Computer science first choice for JEE toppers – Latest Breaking News

Mumbai: Rank 1 may have chosen an American college at the Indian Institute of Technology, but All India Rank 2 opted for the most popular home option: computer science at IIT Bombay. Seats in this engineering mecca grew thick and fast and the CS Stream closed at 63 ranks, reflecting the choice of most toppers. Out of the top 100, 58 will fall short of last year’s 64 to join IITB.

At IIT Delhi, Computer Science closed at rank 31 at 104 and Jai Murahekar at Madras, who achieved rank 49, joined CS and Admission closed at rank 157. A number of factors have been responsible for the choice of students, from what geography to gastronomy and placement records do to what coaching classes preach to students.

“We know that IITs choose toppers for Bombay because the quality of education they get here. It is a melting pot, which attracts students from all over the country; IITB Director Subhasis Chaudhary said that the academic environment, rigor and research make the academic life here competitive and we see similar toppers come to our campus for the last 8-10 years.

Chirag Falor, JEE (Advanced) 2020 topper has decided not to enter any IIT as he has already taken admission in Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Interestingly, Rank 25 was selected for Electrical Engineering on CS in Powai, with 288 having admission program closed. And ranked 68 in the Top 100 for aerospace engineering. Another director said, the recurrence of preferences is also reflected by the trends of previous years, besides the desire to pursue a certain branch of students. But some IITs have been lost over the years. Once, the candidates were given the status of a deity by crossing the gates of IIT Kanpur.

This year, CS at IIT Kanpur closed at 111 at 231, but out of smaller institutions, 179 closed CS at 564 for IIT Hyderabad. Interestingly, at IIT Kharagpur and Roorkee, computer science was the preferred option. 180 (closing rank 284) and rank 255 closed at 421 in Roorkee.

A new course BTech (Artificial Intelligence) at IIT Hyderabad was also one of the popular options, ranked 434 and closed at 623. Mathematics and computing at IIT Delhi opened at rank 156, closing at 310.

Candidates who have been allotted seats and want to confirm their choice will have to pay their fees by 5 pm on Monday evening. Seat allocation for Round 2 will begin by Wednesday.

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