Bhaskar Exclusive: Modi CEO, Zaid CEO-PM get full knowledge about vaccine, roadmap

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  • Inspired to meet Prime Minister Modi, he has full knowledge of the vaccine and has a roadmap on what to do next: Sherville Patel

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Ahmedabad15 minutes ago

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PM Modi on Saturday held a meeting with Zaidas Company Chairman, MD and scientists in Ahmedabad.

  • Modi will talk about the vaccine trial and also report the results
  • Modi said the Center was ready to provide all assistance for vaccine preparation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday visited the Zaidus Cadila Biotech Plant in Ahmedabad. He visited the plant. Talked about the progress of the corona vaccine being made here. He also met with a team of scientists and doctors and praised his work. Modi said the government stood shoulder to shoulder with him.

The PM’s visit was encouraging, the company’s CEO and managing director Sharvil Patel told Latest Breaking News. He has full knowledge about the vaccine. They also know what is needed in the future. They are also ready for its roadmap.

Modi inquired about the vaccine trial

The second phase of the clinical trial of the Zykov-de vaccine of Zydus cadillac has been completed. The company will launch the third phase in December. CEO, MD Patel said that the Prime Minister has taken a comprehensive report on the corona vaccine trial. He discussed the company’s plan for the vaccine.

Assurance of vaccine preparation
Prime Minister Modi said the central government was ready to assist in all ways in the preparation of the vaccine. According to Sherville Patel, the most special thing about the meeting was that the Prime Minister himself provided assistance. Explained how the government will help the company in the subsequent processes. His vision is to soon free the country from the grip of the epidemic.

The presence of the Prime Minister is encouraging
Company chairman Pankaj Patel on Saturday spoke about Prime Minister Modi’s visit and said his presence has encouraged the entire team. The company has 25,000 employees. We are cooperating for a self-sufficient India. With this in mind, the company developed the Zykov-D vaccine from Corona. Now the third phase of its trial is about to begin.


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