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Published: Sunday, November 22, 2020, 7:15 [IST]

Amravati: Revival of interstate bus services is about to begin. APSRTC officials have confirmed buses run in neighboring states. After this, interstate bus services are started on the road one by one. Inter-state bus services have already hit the road between AP and Telangana. Bus service between AP and Tamil Nadu will start soon.

This is the first time the bus service between the two states has resumed after a long gap of eight months. APSRTC officials are set to run buses for Chennai on the 25th of this month. It is a known fact that public transport system has come to a standstill in all the states including APSRTC, in view of the spread of Corona virus. As part of the unlock, the central government has allowed public and private vehicles to operate between interstates without any restrictions.

With this, bus services are being restored in each state according to Kovid’s conditions and public transport needs. Initially the buses will run only to Chennai. Gradually it was extended to other cities. Officials said that buses will operate from Jamui to Chennai from the 25th of this month. Buses will leave for Chennai from various places and district centers.

APSRTC to operate buses to Chennai from various places in AP

He said that regional and divisional managers will decide how many services will be provided based on the number of passengers. It seems that the buses will not be made available to the twins before the corona spreads. So far, 273 buses have run from AP to various cities and regions in Tamil Nadu. This time the number of services is expected to be half.

Passenger demand, services run according to their needs. It is possible to gradually increase their number. Officials say a large number of buses will ply from the border districts of Tamil Nadu to Chennai. In particular, there are opportunities to run full buses to Chennai from almost all depots in Chittoor and Nellore districts.

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