A resurgent virus invades Hertland, just before the election.

The latest coronovirus growth is widespread throughout the American heartland, most in the northwest and mountainous west.

This growing third boom, which set an American single-day record of more than 85,000 new cases on Friday, is occurring less than two weeks before Election Day, which would mark the end of the epidemic and a campaign that was hyped by President Trump. React to it

As of Friday evening, 15 states have added more cases in the past week than any other seven days of the epidemic: Wisconsin, a battleground in the presidential election, Colorado, Kentucky, Illinois, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, South Dakota , Montana, Arkansas, Alaska, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, and North Dakota. And there have been more deaths this week in four states than last week: Wisconsin, Kentucky, South Dakota, and Oklahoma.

North Dakota Leads Nation in Coronovirus Per capita affairs. Illinois is above average 4,100 new cases per day, 85 percent of the average two weeks ago. And another battlefield, Pennsylvania, reported one on Friday Record of 2,258 cases.

Virus will be in front of mind Voter In many major states: in Ohio, where more people are hospitalized during the epidemic and especially at any time than at any time Wisconsin, House of seven 10 metro areas of the country With the highest number of recent cases. Wisconsin on Friday Supreme Court blocked On Friday, Tony Evers’ emergency order limited the size of indoor ceremonies to 25 percent capacity.

Experts worry that increasing numbers in hospital need care will only get worse if cases continue to mount, especially rural area Where medical facilities can end quickly.

Citing the increase in hospitals across the state, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment In some counties, announced the strengthening of coronovirus restrictions in view of the gathering of more than 10 people in some different households. For the third straight day, Colorado announced a new single-day affairs record on Friday (eight more states set records on Friday).

Overnight, about 2,500 people were hospitalized in Illinois, the state’s top public health officer, Drs. Nozie Ezik said, News conference Friday afternoon. Mayor of Chicago, Lori E. Lightfoot, Announced Curfew on non-business businesses from 10pm on Friday.

President Trump said in the latest presidential debate on Thursday night that the virus was “going away”, defending the management of the epidemic. Democratic candidate, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. attacked Mr. Trump for tackling him, calling for more aggressive federal action to further “dark winters”.

President Trump and many supporters have blamed restrictions on commercial activity, often imposed by Democratic governors and mayors, that initially prolong the economic crisis caused by the virus. But states like experience Iowa, Which recently set a record for hospitalized patients with Kovid-19, shows that the economy is far from normal even in Republican-led states that have imposed some occupational restrictions.

Iowa Was one of only a handful of states that never gave full orders to stay indoors. Restaurants, movie theaters, hair salons and bars were allowed to start in May, earlier than in most states. Many businesses worry that they will not be able to make it through the winter without more help from Congress. Others have already failed.

Defining the guidance of infectious disease experts, who say universal masking and social disturbances are necessary to limit the spread of the virus, has eroded support for both Mr. Trump and the government. IowaUsually a solid Republican constituency, according to public and private elections, especially among voters over 65. Mr. Trump and Senator Jonny Ernst – Whose Seat Could Play A decisive role in determining Senate control – Both are in a tight race in a state that the president easily won four years ago.

Higher case counts in part indicate increased testing. After testing about 1 million people over several days, the country is getting a more accurate picture of how widely the virus has spread in the spring.

But public health officials have warned that Americans are going into a dangerous phase, as cold weather moves people indoors, where the virus spreads easily. It can make for a scorching winter, which tests the discipline of many people who have grown weary of masks and turned down invitations to see family and friends.

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